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“War is a mere continuation of posting by other means.” -Carl von Clausewitz-

  • Some Musings on Avoiding Empire
    When I first started writing these essays, the earliest topics that I covered – and the ones that I keep returning to consistently throughout the overall thread of my work – is that a.) war isn’t going anywhere, and b.) it’s something that we need to understand and be prepared for on the left,Continue reading “Some Musings on Avoiding Empire”
  • This isn’t War.
    Well. It’s time to talk about Gaza. I want to emphasize before I get deeper into this, that I am not a Middle East expert, nor am I an expert on Israel and Palestine. I know just enough about all these things to be dangerous, but my knowledge is a mile wide and anContinue reading “This isn’t War.”
  • Counterinsurgency: The Impossible War?
    The time has finally come, apparently. After almost twenty years of  turning many purported corners towards victory, the United States and its allies have decided to withdraw their combined military forces from Afghanistan. President Joe Biden announced this move on April 14th, 2021, with the intent of completing the withdrawal by September 11th, 2021Continue reading “Counterinsurgency: The Impossible War?”
  • What’s Going On in Ukraine?: An Explainer
    So, this is another one of those essays I didn’t originally plan on writing for the month. But then the darndest thing happened about a week ago: Russia got back on its bullshit. Now everyone is wondering if the war in Eastern Ukraine is going to reignite or potentially escalate even further than theContinue reading “What’s Going On in Ukraine?: An Explainer”
  • F-35: The Flying Money Furnace
    The past two weeks have been an interesting one if you’re either a military aviation enthusiast or an advocate for not spending Olympic swimming pools worth of liquified money on imperialist military adventures – or in my case: both. And it all revolves around one particular weapons system that has deservedly been a lightningContinue reading “F-35: The Flying Money Furnace”
  • Quick Status Update
    Hey folks. Savage here with a quick update for you all. I want to thank everyone who’s been reading War Takes since I started it and have found my attempts at insights interesting and useful. I’m really looking forward to continuing to write and offer my analysis going forward into a new year andContinue reading “Quick Status Update”