Status Update

Hey all. A quick heads up for you: there will likely not be a new essay this month. If I do manage to squeeze one in, it’ll be later in the month and not this coming week.

With the way events are going in Ukraine, I want to stay focused on covering that in real time for the moment, as everything may potentially be reaching critical mass soon (judging by what we’re seeing day to day).

In that vein, in the near term I’m probably going to focus on doing some more informational threads on the War Takes Twitter account. If you haven’t seen any of those yet, here are a couple I’ve done so far:

Thread on good sources for identifying Russian military equipment (vehicles, infantry gear, weapons, etc.)

Thread on the different uniforms and camouflage patterns currently used by both Russian and Ukrainian forces

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, there should be a new essay next month at least. Depending on how the rest of February goes, I can tell you it’ll likely be covering one of these three potential topics:

1.) We got lucky this time


3.) How I’d build the Navy if they’d let me

Stay tuned. Stay safe.

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