Regarding Future Essays (and this blog)

It occurred to me that I had posted this information on Twitter already, but hadn’t talked about this here, so a quick update for you all:

Long story short, I’ve had a lot going on in my life – both online and off. I’m balancing a lot of stuff regarding my work, future education, hobbies, obligations/responsibilities, etc. Not all of it is negative, but it all takes time and energy. I definitely want to and intend to keep doing the War Takes essays, but something has had to give in my life with how busy its been.

With that in mind, after deliberating this for a few months, going forward the essays will be be published on a reduced schedule. I just can’t keep up with one a month, unfortunately. Its become too draining with everything else going on and I got too much else I’m trying to balance with. Apologies to anyone that may disappoint.

However, don’t fret: there will still be essays. My current plan is to start publishing them on a quarterly/seasonal basis. There will be at least four a year (i.e., one in the winter, spring, summer, and fall), with the potential for ‘special editions’ regarding important current events or whatever suddenly strikes me in between the main, seasonal essays. I’m hoping not only will this ease some of the strain on my end, but it may also allow me to take a bit more time on the content and not rush it as much to get something out before the end of each month.

Additionally, due to the fact the number of essays I put out a year will be going down, I’m rethinking the role of this blog and its continued existence. It made sense paying for a WordPress page when I was putting out an essay every month, but now that I’m throttling back and not going to be using this as much, I’m considering different options for displaying my content. It may make more sense to use a free site like Tumblr or something similar if I’m only putting out a minimum of four essays a year (with potentially others in the mix).

I haven’t decided for sure yet if I’m going to stay on this page or not, but if I do decide to leave WordPress and go somewhere else, I’ll be sure to give you all advance notice on where I move and will also upload my backlog of content wherever I go so you don’t lose anything to the internet sands of time. Also, you’ll still be able to find me posting on Twitter, where I sometimes do longer analytical threads. I also am going to try and brainstorm other content I may do outside of essays or just posting on Twitter, such as potentially videos, streaming, and etc. We’ll see what I come up with/commit to.

Anyway, those are my main updates. Again, sorry for cutting back on the essays, but I hope you find the reduced number I put out still up to snuff. Likewise, stay tuned for updates on whether I stay on WordPress, and if I decide to migrate somewhere else I’ll be sure to direct you all over there as far in advance of moving as I can.

Thanks much all. Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates.

One thought on “Regarding Future Essays (and this blog)

  1. Do you have any recommendations about other leftist IR/war-studies people to read? So much out there is from a right-wing neo-Cold War or “Only the US can be imperialist” perspective. I ran into one person who wrote about the need for the US left to have better thought out IR policy, but sadly haven’t been able to find that article. I’ll go through the videos from the 2023 Pirate Security Conference (, but I don’t think that will cover what I am looking for. Thanks!


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