What is “War Takes?”

“War Takes” is an internet-based repository of essays dealing with issues of national security and national defense, intelligence, modern warfare, foreign policy and more — all from a leftist point of view. It primarily focuses on these issues from the perspective of discussing potential policies for a theoretical, leftist-governed United States operating in a largely non-leftist world, but it also aims to touch upon other perspectives, like how other countries may grapple with these issues under a leftist administration as well.

Why does it exist?

“War Takes” was created because of a perceived lack of constructive discussion on the issues of foreign policy and national security within the American left. Currently, there is very little intellectual energy devoted to these issues by leftists in the United States and what little discussion there is that is occurring is largely dominated by those with ideas that are unhelpful or unworkable, potentially divisive and harmful to leftist solidarity, and also potentially damaging or harmful to the world at large if enacted. You can read the inaugural essay for the the website here for a more in-depth explanation of why it was created and what it hopes to accomplish by existing.

Who writes all this stuff?

Currently, all of the content that is posted on “War Takes” is written by the creator of this website, Komodo Dad. However, going forward, we hope to feature content from other contributors in the future as well and promote a variety of perspectives — not only by those with leftist perspectives who currently or have formerly worked in national security and foreign policy at various levels, but also by those who may not have professional experience in those fields but who might still have important stories to tell and points to make.