Quick Status Update

Hey folks. Savage here with a quick update for you all. I want to thank everyone who’s been reading War Takes since I started it and have found my attempts at insights interesting and useful. I’m really looking forward to continuing to write and offer my analysis going forward into a new year and aContinue reading “Quick Status Update”

What Comes Next?

So, I guess it’s finally time to talk about the last couple weeks. On the morning of January 6th I had just posted an essay I’d rant-written over an hour or two the night prior about an op-ed on calling for war criminal Robert Bales to be pardoned by now former-President Donald Trump (thankfully,Continue reading “What Comes Next?”

Setting the Stage

The last few years have seen a remarkable surge in the popularity of leftist political thought in the United States – though it is clear that leftist ideas still have a very long road to travel before reaching full, mainstream acceptance. I’ve recently seen myself take my own personal journey of “coming out of theContinue reading “Setting the Stage”


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